Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Goofy Cat Moment

You gotta love cats.

There is never enough fresh water in the house for Cappuccino. You would think I was trying to kill her with thirst. This is why I can't use that spray on shower cleaner stuff. This happens every day after I shower. Silly little cutie.


velmalikevelvet said...

you have a pink sink! you have a pink sink! :)

Rabbitknitz said...

and a pink bathtub, too! very retro

Rowena said...

Dear old CAppuccino. Ash says hi. Taz got e xcites seeing the deerhound win best of group at the Westminster Dog Show. She sat next to me on the futon.
You're on re the knitting and writing. Also I am being good about using the Nordic Track. I am determind to walk tin the 1/2 Mrathon.