Saturday, January 24, 2009

Earn More Sessions by Sleeving

Charlie: Ten more seconds and I'm leaving!
Roxanne: What did you say?
Charlie: I said ten more seconds and I'm leaving.
Roxanne: Oh.
Charlie: What did you think I said?
Roxanne: I thought you said earn more sessions by sleeving.
Charlie: What does that mean?
Roxanne: I don't know. That's why I asked

--Roxanne, 1987 starring Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah

I think that is a reasonable line to describe my state at the moment. Earn more sessions by sleeving. That's what I am doing: sleeving. Actually I am procrastinating because I am blogging about sleeving rather than doing it. I am up to 72 stitches out of the needed 104, meaning I have 64 rows of slogging stockinette to go. Onward and upward...

I did have a work lunch hour interlude project--YAH ("Yet Another Hat"), this time for me rather than as a prezzie as the last few were. I felted it this morning and it turned out as cute as ever these hats do, all woolly and curly brimmed.

The has was knitted up using Cascade 220 and felted in three hot water cycles before rinsing in a top-loading washer.

Zarah is not currently going with me to work. She is a purely at-home project, although that may change if the 'gottas' set in. Right now the sleeve reknit is aversion therapy. The hat was an at-work project, but my knitting bag contains a couple other small portables that I can autopilot during my lunch hour. Even 30 minutes of knitting can dial back the white noise of a busy clinic, although the male portion of my cowrkers (which is most of them) look at me kind of funny. Well, they can keep their World of Warcraft. I got my fiber. Still, I like an autopilot project that I don't have to concentrate too hard on so with the red hat done, currently in the ondeck circle is the 'Belinda' wrap from Mason-Dixon Knitting: Knitting Outside the Lines which I am doing in Madil Kid Seta--Cascade's answer to Kidsilk Haze. We'll see how the Madil holds up to the beloved KSH, but it would be nice to have a yarn that works with it to expand the color choices.

Tonight is a minus tide just before sunset and the Hubster has a spanking new fishing license, so we are going mussel gathering. A first time for both of us. I am armed with a recipe for Spicy Thai Mussels that sounds yummy. Hopefully the weather will hold.

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