Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mussel Beach Party

My fingers stink of crab.

I was attempting to clean a couple of whole dungeoness crabs that I took out to thaw a few hours ago. To my dismay, they were still frozen, but I tried to clean them anyway. I wanted to make crab cakes. I guess, I'll have mac and cheese instead washed down with a small glass of cheap chardonnay, with the DVD of 'Yojimbo' on the telly.

Still, I got my shellfish rocks off this weekend. Me, the hubster and a work buddy of mine all went and scored some yummy mussels at a nearby beach. The weather was dicey, but held. It was supposed to be a slight minus tide and we were there half an hour before peak low tide, but we still got rather wet. Not really a minus tide in reality. It was fun though! I was fishing license-less, so I left the gathering to the registered, watched their backs for waves and took pictures.

The intrepid mussel gatherers do their thing:

These look like larval critters--baby barnacles or baby mussels:

The sky was doing weird, wonderful things with light and color:

We took all our shellfish home and noshed on Spicy Thai Mussels, bread and lemon icebox pie all washed down with Newcastle beer. It was a tasty feed, I must say and we were assured of the freshness of the seafood! There were barnacles on the mussels and we all got brave and tasted a couple of the larger ones. They actually were quite good and tasted a lot like crab, but were only a tiny sliver of meat in each, so not really worth the effort.

Cappuccino flopped out in front of the fire after the feast. I felt about the same way. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday and nice to know we earned our tasty meal!

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Erin said...

Hey Sara!

That looked like so much fun! I MISS THE OCEAN! Although I am not crazy about mussels - yes Bob thinks I am nuts as well. Crab is more my thing or clams - as you know. Well enjoy the beach on days where you can get out there and say hi to the hubby for me!