Monday, February 2, 2009

Equal Opportunity For Felines

Has anyone guessed that I am a cat person?

The kitty face in the picture is my OTHER cat, Sophie, who tends to get left behind in the wake of her sister Cappuccino's monumental ego. Sophie tends to be camera shy, but I got some face shots to post. Cappuccino has appeared on this blog in several posts and Sophie is due for some airtime. The Soph-a-loaf is sweet, but rather a nutcase. The vet tech who saw her when I brought her in to be spayed said "Oh! How pretty she is! But pastel tortoiseshells are SO schizy!" She called it dead on--Sophie is one of the schiziest cats I have ever known. She is sweet and cuddly one minute, paranoid the next, and then pushy and aggressive. Once in a while she beats her sister up, but not often. She and Cappuccino are littermates, but they mostly hate each other. So much for having two to keep each other company. Sophie does have the greenest eyes I have ever seen on a cat, the thickest fur, very short legs and no jumping muscles. So here's to Sophie!

On the Zarah front, I am about two thirds the way through the sleeve. This is actually the second go-round. The sleeve was the right size, but I switched dyelots and while the difference was sublte, it showed, so redo redo redo (crap!). Still, the pre-redo incarnation was the right size along the armhole, so I am on the right track.

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