Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lurking Menace

Here's the current radar shot from Wunderground. It's WARM outside and the clouds coming in are BLACK. The Severe Weather Alert has upped the widespread rainfall prediction from 2 to 3 inches. The King Range is due for 5--Hang on Mattole Valley!

Snacking: Bien Padre yellow corn and flax chips, Casa Linda Verde Especial salsa--hot, Fox barrel cider.

On the CD player: Missa Mexicana.

Pwill is reading, I am surfing and blogging and gazing ever more at Clapotis on the coffee table. It is starting to rain outside.

For Dinner: Steak salad. Local beef is marinating, two small London broils--one steak in Calhoun's BBQ sauce from Arcata and the other in my own concoction of red wine, black vinegar, worchestershire, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, a touch of honey and squeezed garlic. Broil these and serve sliced over salad tossed with dijon vinaigrette and some very lightly cooked asparagus. Red wine. Either dates and dark chocolate for dessert or maple bacon ice cream if I get motivated.

Nice trip to Hookton Slough this morning--tons of birds, especially aleutian geese. Maybe our last outside jaunt for a few days...


velmalikevelvet said...

Sounds like a quite lovely day! We don't drive, so it's a nice vicarious trip to hear where you've been out & about to locally.

Thanks for the blog comment today. & yeah, the Zatarains box seemed like a good idea, but didn't work for crap. It was worth trying, though, if only 'cuz I now know about 'Silly Putty English'!

Rabbitknitz said...

And I now know about "Mcgyvering!". Excellent trade, I'd say!