Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fit to be Tied, A Knitting Saga, Part V: Zarah Update

We have a sleeve! Oh frabjous day! Callooh! callay! She chortled in her joy! For those knitters who have been following the Zarah slog, here is the current State of the Sweater.

After a false start, I finally have a sleeve that fits! I knit it up and ended on the first try attempting to blend in a skein of yarn from a different dyelot; this blending didn't work. The color change was subtle, but I could still see it in a plain patch of stockinette. I knew it would bug me to see it, so with a sigh, I ripped and restarted. The second dyelot yarn was used for the chevron bell and seed stitch portions and now the difference doesn't show. I also had to tweak the stitch number, and the changes worked. I pinned the sleeve and it fits! I am so happy!!

Now I get to do it again.

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