Friday, February 20, 2009

Storm Watch

After my wild flurry of posts last week I just looked at my post list and realized I hadn't posted for a whole week--sacre bleu! I have been quite preoccupied. My mom had a 'bad spell' this week, so to speak which will induce pitied worry in some and knowing nods in others. That is a cryptic sentence, I know, but I am feeling cryptic so I will leave it at that.

My husband and I were planning to drive down to the Bay Area tonight. One of my coworkers casually asked my weekend plans at the end of today and I told her to which she replied "You know they have issued a severe weather alert for Humboldt County?". Of course, I didn't know. Major storm coming in Saturday late--at least 2 and as much as 5 inches of rain in the King Range--the coastal spine that runs parallel to Highway 101. Mud slides. A warm storm that will melt snow. Flooding. Rock slides. All this in the alert and likely to take place right as we are driving home. Neither of us want the aggravation along with everything else, so we are going south NEXT weekend.

This does give me some noodle time with my knitting needles (can't hike in bad weather, right?), although I may be dragged out from my warm nesty corner of the couch to go to the movies by my husband who has taken, in alternate turns, to lately describe himself as both a 'fiber widower' and a 'facebook widower', although my initial infatuation with FB has died down quite a bit. Not the Fiber Infatuation, however!

Zarah is on hold. The sleeves are done and seem right. I need to check and possibly redo the collar and then the slog of blocking and sewing up. I need a break, though. I was feeling disenchanted withZarah, Jiada, everything in front of me and wanted something new.

I have my Belinda from Mason Dixon--Knitting Outside the Lines wrap as my autopilot lunchtime project, pictured here, and it is proceeding apace. I am already on the second ball of aqua Madil Kid Seta. It's an easy repeat and no shapng so I can plug away at it without thinking too much. I knit on it at work during lunch and that is a nice change from websurfing. I have always been the type to hole up at a desk and I only have a 30 minute lunch break, so this is keeping me busy and happy. This is purely a work project, though, and, other than executing a russian join to start the new aqua ball, I don't work on it at home at all.

Everything else on the slate seems too picky (beaded fingerless gloves, the Ice Queen headscarf) or too repetitive (a smoke ring for Chica, a Machault cap for hubby. I will get too them soon, I promise, but I made them both recently enough that I am trying to avoid deja vu burnout.)

The answer was that last Monday I actually went to my stash. Yes, really. I am using yarn I bought in the '90's. Yay me! On the needles is Clapotis in Noro Cotton Iroha. What a great name--'Clapotis'. It sounds enough like the word 'clafouti' that I think of warm fruit dessert with vanilla ice cream every time I hear the the name. The actual definition if the word is: "bruit d'une légère agitation de l'eau" or the noise of a light agitation of water. Soft, lapping waves. How nice! So I am planning some happy clapotement, so to speak, this weekend. I need something that will both excite me and not fight me and Clapotis seems just the ticket.

Bring on the rain--I am READY!

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