Friday, May 1, 2009

W.I.P. it good!!

OK, the post-title is a shameless DEVO paraphrase, but it fits the theme. Also, my dear husband checked out a Devo DVD from the library for me, knowing my admiration for the Beautiful Mutants. What a guy! That got me thinking in a Devo kind of way.

But I digress. The actual meaning of W.I.P. is "Work in Progress". This refers to things planned and on one's needles. For those of you who don't/can't see my Ravelry pages, I currently have 6 WIP's. Actually 8, but I was so embarrassed seeing all that unfinished, nagging STUFF that I sent two projects in to hibernation. Sheesh. (And just so she knows: K, your smoke ring is actually done, blocked and ready to mail. I have had such a short attention span, I haven't gotten my act together to package and mail it. {Yeah, yeah, Rabbit. Whatever, Dude.})

Aaaanyway, I keep starting things and not finishing other things. What can I say? I have been distracted. March was busy--I was panic-knitting to keep calm during Mom's health scare. Things there are at least temporarily under control. She comes home from the Nursing Home soon. This will make her happy, but then again, how well will she be able to look after herself? Time will tell.

Earlier this week, I had a Bad Tuesday in that I woke with an intractable migraine, stayed home from work and tried to sleep it off. That evening, I was snacking on a date and, lo!, one of my tooth veneers split in two and came off. I heard the 'crack!' and KNEW it was not good. Well, I love my dentist, Dr. Singleton. He got me in the next morning at 9 AM, so I only went around in public looking like an extra from 'Deliverance' for an hour. The temporary looks quite good and I was pleasantly surprised that the lab that makes the porcelain crowns was literally across the parking lot. They gave my teeth the once-over and Kim, the manufacturer assured me that he was more than happy to redo the crown gratis if I was not happy with it and even bring me in to check it before cementing. Not bad service for a small geographic area. This made me happy most of all because I miss the awesome Dr. John Shaffer in Hayward who did my teeth before. He did a really great job, but I feel like I am in good hands here, too. Big relief.

So, the flush knitting period of March has tapered. I have been going outside more often, although it is raining at the moment and supposed to all weekend. Not good weather for Spring hiking, but a good time to get some things done at home. I entered a scarf contest at Northcoast Knittery that must be done by May 16th, and since I am going out of town the 15th, I need it earlier than that. It's about 60-70% done. I really need to get some things off the slate, but I am putting the time-constrained scarf first. I have finally done some serious organization in the garage, but it is slow going. Mostly non-yarn-stash items so I can actually get to my stash in the first place. Slow going.

Still, I have promised Hubby to go out and mingle with real people this weekend, so I plan to make good. In fact, I think I'll go out now and get some sushi for dinner...

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