Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trillium Spring

It's a two post day--I've stored up, and I want to get these things up on the blog, so...

Last Monday, April 20th, was a gorgeous day. Days like that are uncommon in HumCo--at least this close to the coast. We get a lot of rain and grey in the Fall, Winter and early Spring and Summer is all fog and grey. It's all that wet that makes the redwoods big and the wildflowers bloom. Monday was and exception. Yes, yes--it was also 4-20, which is significant to some in the Emerald Triangle. Not to me: my thing this time of year is trilliums. the Western trillium (Trillium ovatum), which is also sometimes called the 'wake robin', is a lovely flower and it is peaking at this time of year. One place to see them blooming is Sequoia Park here in town; the park is not ten minutes from my house by car. When it rains, the trails are all mud. On dry days, though it is a lovely spot. Monday was bright, sunny and a clear 66 degrees F. My hubby and I took about and hour walk the park and this is what we saw...

We started out at the entrance--a nifty concrete pool and waterfall that incorporates an old redwood stump:

The light caught this orb weaver spider web perfectly:

My guy taking pictures of me taking pictures of him under the trees:

A largish patch of trilliums under the trees:

Another dense patch of blooms:

Trilliums start out white and then gradually pinken and finally turn purple before they fade. Here are some closeups:

We also made a stop to the turtle pond--a bit of algaw growth, but the turtles were taking a sunbath:

Nifty leaf filtered light on the water:

Looking straight up at the crowns of the redwoods--150 to 200 feet up, at least:

Thimbleberry flowers:

A waterfall in a grotto next to the path:

The sun filters through the trunks as we come to the end of our walk:

It's definitely days like this, experiences like this that make me happy I am here!

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