Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring in My Backyard

I love my backyard.

It's not just the generic, featureless space you would expect from a rental house. It's fairly small, but packed with botanical goodies.As I showed before in a Fall post from last year, neat things grow here. It's Spring, and in HumCo, that means rhododendrons. The rhododendrons in my backyard are going nuts. In fact, they are going nuts all over town. even the wild rhodies are starting their bloom cycle; the wild variety are usually a few weeks later blooming than the hybrids. Yards all over town have them here. So does landscaping in front of businesses. In this country, rhododendrons seem to be not just a staple, but a requirement.

The rhodies here are both pink, but different. One is a clear, cotton candy pink that fades to a light baby pink as the bracts age. The other is a warmer color-- almost more a light red than a pink along the edges to fading in the center to a pinkish white. The stand in each corner of the backyard; the red edge is on the left and the pink on the right, with an apple tree in between. The rhodies are tall shrub for--each is 10-15 feet tall and in full bloom they make an impressive sight.

The white clematis that I posted pictures of last Novemberr has also exploded, and is mingling with a light pink small flowered climbing rose that almost looks like 'Cecile Bruner', but can't be since it blooms almost constantly. The yard currently has a rather wild, untended cottage garden look to it, and I need to get out and do some weeding and grooming, but still is a sweet, secret place to be. Little things just crop up all over the yard and it makes me happy!!

White clematis and roses on the right side fence:

The red-edged rhodie in the left-hand corner:

Closeups of bracts of the red-edged rhodie:

The pink rhodie in the right-hand corner and some closeups:

I really love the Springtime!!

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