Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday On Call

A nifty cartoon from 'Garfield Minus Garfield', which I really enjoy:

I know when to go out

And when to stay in
Get things done
--David Bowie, 'Modern Love'

Ah. Saturday morning, chilling with Gabriel and a cup of java. What could be better? Gabriel is happy--he's singing and tapping me on the cheek with his beak. I am marshaling myself to get up and do some more housework. It's a three day weekend, and since I am on-call this weekend, I have to stay within an hour radius of the hospital. This makes an ideal time to cocoon.

P went out for walkies. Me? I am getting my ducks in a row. We have a new washer, so I can do some laundry. We have potential company coming, so the house needs to be tidy (We're mostly there). I have knitting projects at hand, so I need to choose where to focus. We have a shopping list, so P and I can go shopping for groceries.

We have committed to starting the South Beach Diet on Monday. As P says, "I cringe to hear myself say it.", but we both feel like we have reached critical mass (emphasis on the 'mass' part). We have friends in Oregon who tried it and it worked for them. Mostly P and I eat well anyway, what with the farm and our grain CSA, but poundage is a problem, so it's time to focus. An at-home weekend makes for a good time to do some pre-prep for lunches, shopping for appropriate snacks and the like. Wish us luck!

On the knitting front, I am feverishly working to get things done before the next Northcoast Knittery contest. My scarf turned out nicely, but I am facing some very stiff competition

Here is my entry:

My competition all crafted up very different scarves. Mine is the only felted piece. There is one lovely lace scarf, a really well done mosaic knit piece, two crocheted scarves, including one made by a 91-year-old gal, that is amazing and really showcases the yarn, and one plain knit mohair with a copper metallic edge that is very pretty. The public will choose and I guess there are a lot of votes already in. My thought is that the lace will win. Still, my scarf hangs proudly with the others, and I am pleased with it. They will announce the winner in the next week or so.

There will be a shawl contest this summer and I am feeling ambitious about the pattern. I think I want to do it despite the things I have to do in my knitting basket. I am using this down time to try and get things done or ready to go, so the bulk of my time can be used for the shawl if I do the contest.

Still, it's slow going. I have mostly picky or boring things to do, and it's difficult to stay focused. Most of the things I am working on are items I have blogged about before, so this list is yet another rehash.

I thought I was done with Belinda, but, despite following the pattern, the width wasn't right so I had to unpick and need to add 22 more rows. This isn't trivial. It IS very annoying however. Fortunately had some scrap kidsilk haze yarn of the same color, so I don't actually have to BUY more yarn. I was not 100% happy with Clapotis, and I didn't want repeat that sentiment. I want to finish something I am totally happy with, so that means more knitting.

I am plodding along on the back of Jiada, and am almost done, but it is godawful tedious plain stockinette. I am resorting to taking it to work for my lunch hour project so that I have no choice but to work on it. Jiada or nothing, so I can at least get the back done. I might then back-burner it for a bit.

Zarah is being sewn up slowly, but it has been difficult getting a nice seam on it. Still, once the sleeves are done, I can try and fix the collar, which is the last challenge.

I am also doing a bag to be felted on big needles. It is a new project--the Tinkknit 5-Alarm bag-- that should be a reasonably quick knit. I also got the specific hardware last weekend during a trip to Oregon Leather in Eugene, Oregon. That place is a crafter's paradise; they have metal findings, hides, dyes, etc.

P and I both liked Eugene. There are several really good bookstores, two very nice yarn stores (OK, P wasn't fired up by those), a good kitchen store, and a nice downtown. It's a typical college town, with all the fun and funky goods a place like that has. We will definitely drop by there again for a visit.

I know, another very knitting-oriented post, but that be my thing these days. Now it's off to do some laundry. Have a great Memorial Day, everyone!

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