Monday, April 13, 2009

Stupid Taxes and a Hippie Lawn

It's been a while since I posted, but I need to do something to calm down after doing my taxes. If anyone out there can explain to me how declaring student loan interest paid can cause my
California state taxes to actually go from a refund to money owed, I'd sure be grateful. More specifically, before declaring the money I paid in student loan interest, Turbotax said I was owed a refund of $67. After entering the interest, I OWED $203. WTF?? I owed the Feds, too, but less with the student loan stuff. It's all so arcane. Stupid taxes.

In another world, we have had enough nice weather that I have had a chance to assess the yard. I had my first run in with the overgrown lawn on March 31st. What do you get in Humboldt County winters? An out of control lawn, that's what. When it rains, the grass grows, and it rains a LOT here. Lately it seemed like it always rained on weekends which, of course, is when I had time to mow. We only have a push mower--very green, but not so useful for an out of control lawn. On a recent trip south I copped my mom's weed whacker, knowing she wouldn't need it while out of commision. I was making progress, but then I ran out of string. Crap. I, therefore, resorted to the push mower. I did OK, but ran out of metaphorical gas on the lawn corners. The result? A faux-hawk lawn. Or maybe more of a tonsured lawn.

Before half-assed but difficult mowing and after:

Still, one of the trilliums I got at the Arcata Farmer's Market last summer is blooming. Pretty!

If you saw the lawn two weeks later, we are back to square one, and me out of weed whacker string. Still, Happy Spring, everyone! Everyone, that is, except the tax people...


Erin said...

I am so glad you are back Sara!!! If you want an even worse looking yard try dogs, they pee on the grass and it dies in patches. Although in Eureka you may get enough rain to dilute the dog pee. We tried having grass so Bob could have some of "green England" and we recently took it out and put in wood chips - so now the termites are happy. Keep up the posting!

Rowena said...

HAppy Tax Day, dear Sara, happy tax day to you! As to lawns & gardens, one Taz has done more damage to the lawn than all previous deerhounds together. On an upnote, it's warmer, I have some fragile stuff started in peat pots, and am planting chard, spinach, etc tomorrow or Friday. LAter, tomatoes, eggplants will go into walls of water. We'll see how that works.
I got a call from the dr. about my blood draw. Get this. My vitamin D level is low. After this grayest of winters thats a no brainer, but it is an incentive to make sure I get a Belize fix every winter
Love Roe