Saturday, March 24, 2012

UFO Update

Omigosh, two posts in one day? Can this be? Well, this is really a quickie, so I am not counting it as a real post. This is mostly an update to keep myself on track with my promise to finish things this year.

My current UFO count on Ravelry stands at 12, which is one less than the end of the year. I have actually started and finished a couple things, but let's look at "2012 FO's, The Story So Far..."

1) Gold Magician scarf. This was a start AND finish, since I made it in a workshop in early February
2)A bit of fluff-- a super quickie scarf made with one skein of Berroco Lacey that I got in L.A. in January. Another start and finish
3)Altered Alva--a shawl made with one ball of Kidsilk Haze Stripe. Started and finished.

Hey, I am sensing a pattern here...

But wait!

4) plaid scarf-- a crocheted palid made from one ball of Kureyon Sock. Started in 2010. WOOT!
5) The Green Thing--my design submission for the NCK book project.

so by mid-March I have finished two old things and started and completed 3 other things. OK track record, but I have also brought a cardigan, two shawlettes and a bag into close range. Things are getting done...yippee!

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