Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tying Up Loose Ends

I have a couple of decorative urn baskets that sit next to my usual place on the couch. They contain yarn I want to keep on the surface of my stash and projects that are mostly done. I have had a tendency of late to ignore the contents.

I had a spare moment this morning before darling P woke up so I sat with my coffee and my crochet hook and wove in the ends of my orange Citron shawl I finished casting off the night before. I have received a lot of ribbing lately from my knitmates of the weekly sip and knit I attend.

"You never seem to FINISH anything. We see you working on stuff but we never see you WEAR it."

That is rather a fair cop, although this Summer was rather too warm for even scarves this year. Still, Sweater Weather is now truly here and all those scarves and cowls and shawls I made this year have simply languished with ends unwoven and unblocked. I therefore spent the last hour and a half weaving in the ends of no less that 6 projects. Yikes! Some of them I can throw on now, but most I would still like to wash and block them. At least now I CAN.

I am, by nature, a procrastinator. This trait is demonstrated by the Green Thing, as it has come to be know. This is a project for the upcoming Northcoast Knittery book that the shop has put it's regulars to working on. I have gone to an every-other-week meeting to discuss, advise and get inspired for months now. My design has pootled along at a dribbly pace, and again, I have taken some gentle knitmate razzing. "What is this you are doing? Why aren't you working on the Green Thing?" OK. I need to make progress. I have, but my progress comes in chunks and then I set it all down and work on other stuff.

Admittedly, I do need to have little things in my knit bag that goes to work with me--things I don't have to think about, just knit on. That is a legitimate reason to have other things on the needles. Still, I have not spent much time knitting at home these recent evenings and I need to. Less Facebook, more knitting.

Still, the more I looked at my Ravelry project list with the items stacking up at 95% complete the more I was feeling bogged down. Hence this morning's Flurry of Finishing. It's raining now, so I really need a break of dry weather to block, but there should be a window tomorrow and I can block things a few at a time until they are done. Then I can wear them!

On that note, I need to work on the Green Thing.

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