Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's About Time!!

OK. I have not posted since October. Shame on me!! It's not like I haven't had things to post about--September trip to Washington and Oregon, yet more dyeing, knitting, Christmas, growing my first mushroom kit, another trip to Oregon (can we all say "Voodoo Doughnut"?)--the list goes on.

Why the silence? Sheepishly, I have to admit the main culprit (since I am feeling like passing the buck) is Facebook. Yep, I am hooked. Farmville, Mafia Wars and best of all reconnecting with friends and family. Still, it has taken much time away from other things, such as this sad, lonely little blog.

I hope to post some more in the near future. I should have some indoor time since outdoors, things are supposed to look like this for the next two weeks:

We are already making up for rainfall, weather wise, and are above seasonal normal. This should keep me more house bound and therefore in a line for posting. Also, Mafia Wars is finally starting to get a bit boring...

Some dye pics to post soon include lichen, marigolds, eucalyptus leaves, and YUMMY chocolate brown from walnut hulls, so stay tuned!

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Rowena said...

I can't wait to see your dyes. Seems El Nino is here. You know the Irish shawl of miine? I think dulse was used. Next time you come up, I hope to introduce you to Lois Fisher, in the spining group, a friend of Mare's.We have had mild weather & no rain FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! Just Write on the pier is doing well, and Andrea iss really helping me. I'm working on my blog but so far am avoiding facebook. I'm getting quite a few hits on Bibliomania.See ya