Friday, November 21, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

Well, the Thanksgiving holiday is almost here. Hubby and I leave tomorrow for a trip north to Whidbey Island to hang with my fabulous (yes really--I am SOOOO lucky!) mother-in-law. We are taking the long way north with a couple stops along the way. We are meeting our pal Q in Newport, Oregon at a yarn store. Yep! That's right! She knits. Even though she came from my Other Half's side of the relationship, Q and I have bonded over our mutual love/addiction to fiber. Out of deference to my husband we have promised not to spend too much time in the yarn store. Uh huh.

So here I am actually packed and ready to go and there's even time for a blog and hot chocolate! This is good as work has been a zoo (deep understatement) and this feels more like a jail break than a vacation.

We have gotten a break in the weather in HumCo so PW and I took a hike last Sunday on the Coastal Trail out of Requa. Man. 75 degrees in mid-November. Wow! We did about 6 miles and it was GORGEOUS! Check out these pics! Here is the trail as it starts out from Requa. It was hard to tell which was bluer, the sea or the sky.

Here is Crescent City through the trees like a little fairytale town:

This was our turn around point/picnic spot and my favorite part of the trail, Hidden Beach:

It's pushing up daisies. It's gone to meet it's maker. It's joined the choir invisible. This is an ex crab!!

The light was just amazing, lighting up the green of the foliage in a last trailing gasp of warm Summer weather:

And here's the Santa Cruz mascot, out for a stroll:

This picture shows the outflow of the Klamath river. even at fairly low water, it flows out to sea with a fair amount of power, hence that arrowhead shaped current.

On the way home, we drove past Big Lagoon and the and a lovely gold setting sun, capping a perfect day.

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velmalikevelvet said...

Haven't been to Requa in like 10 years, and Hidden Beach, even longer. Thanks for the flashbacks!

PS - Excellent working-in of Monty Python reference!