Thursday, August 7, 2008

On our way to Washington..slowly

The time has come for a real vacation. Hubby and I leave tomorrow ridiculously early for a trip north to Whidbey Island and all the delights it has to offer. We are driving, so that means a rest stop in Portland at Powell's Books. I have the take-along knitting picked out. and my (empty) suitcase is on the bed. And I have a migraine.

The joys of vacation! I look forward to trips well in advance and enjoy them when I am there. So why is the week leading up to the trip such an utter misery? I am seriously stressed right now. But why? Throw some junk into a suitcase and hit the road--how hard is that? The cats and bird are accounted for and reliable babysitters are lined up. The house is even reasonably clean to avoid wretched embarassment of outsiders seeing it. So what am I doing? Blogging, surfing and poring over my Ravelry site.

I am growing ever more addicted to Ravelry. I finally started a queue and have been madly jotting down ideas and transferring over my various wants. The whole process is too much fun and this vacation stuff is pulling me away from it. Who knows, though? The Coupeville Arts Center is this weekend and there are a lot of handspinners on Whidbey--better go get packed!

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Karina said...

So how was the vaca?